ALHAMA / CCOO wins the elections in ElPozo again

On Wednesday, September 26, union elections were held in EL POZO, the main industry in the Murcia region and one of the largest meat industries in the country. 4700 workers were called to the polls to elect the 33 representatives of the works council, 3 in the technical school and 30 in the specialist school.

CCOO has once again won union elections by obtaining a total of 15 members of the works council, obtaining the majority. The USO union has obtained 10 representatives, and REDES 8, while the fourth union in charge, the CGT, has not obtained any representative since it did not obtain enough votes. UGT has not managed to present candidacy in this electoral process.

CCOO congratulates the union section of EL POZO for the extraordinary result obtained and congratulates the workers who have had an exemplary behavior on election day, registering a high turnout.

CCOO reiterates its commitment to all people working in EL POZO, and we will continue fighting for the rights and well-being of the staff of this great company in the Murcia region.