Alcácer and Suso present the curriculum before a very weak Wales

The first of the many was more merit of the Spanish team than demerit of the defense of Wales. Surely the only one of the goals in which we can remove the weight of guilt from Giggs. Dead ball that picks Alcácer to take the initiative in the 7th minute of the game with a superb shot to the square from inside the area. Luis Enrique gave the ‘9’ the fittest Spanish striker and granted him the title in the first game of La Roja – the friendly one – and Alcácer took advantage of the minutes as he has been doing since September, with a goal.

The first minutes confirmed the sensations shown in the previous stop, a more vertical selection that wants to use the ball to reach the other goal and without complexes to do it to rhythm. The second one was also for inside. It was in the 18 ‘and Welsh defense collaborated in a notorious way. Ramos took advantage of that he finished absolutely only a measured center of Suso at the far post to make his goal number 15 with the selection.

Alcácer would reappear at 28 ‘to send his second attempt to the pot. The goal was laughable if today you were dressed in white and to criminalize it if you went red. Up to three times had Wales to carry out one of the simplest luck of football: kick up, and even three times failed, until Alcácer appeared to catch the ball and volleys it to the net.

0-3 in the 28 ‘playing in third before a selection that has players that leave flashes like Wilson or Ramsey and that with Bale shows offensive potential, but that has a defense that is a bacalá.

A few minutes before, Wilson had tried to surprise De Gea with the direct shot of a free kick, but sent it up. It was better that Ampadu had in the 35 ‘, with a header that came to touch the stick on the side after beating in the jump to Gayà.

1 – Wales: Hennessey; Gunter, Williams (Chester, m.46), Davies (Richards, m.63), Roberts; Ampadu (King, m.50), Allen (Smith, m.62), Wilson (Brooks, m.46), Ramsey, John (Lawrence, m.63); and Sam Vokes

4 – Spain: De Gea (Kepa, m.46); Gayá, Albiol, Ramos (Bartra, m.46), Azpilicueta (Jonny, m.63); Rodri, Saúl (Koke, m.46), Ceballos; Suso (Rodrigo, m.81), Morata and Alcácer (Aspas, m.73).

Goals: 0-1. Alcácer (m.10), 0-2. Ramos (m.19), 0-3. Alcácer (m.29), 0-4, Bartra (m.74), 1.4, Vokes (m.89).

A second part with less intensity
The start of the second contest brought the opportunity of the fourth for Spain at the feet of Morata, who came too forced to a good pass from Koke. Goalkeeper Hennessey was quick for the opposition. In minute 57, Suso made the most of a great game with a sensational shot that was about to become a work of art. Encara the right defender on the right, he goes looking for an angle and ends with a thread and power to the crossbar.

Morata could not do it in the 64th minute with a forced header that went wide. He tried in every way the Chelsea striker, who had scored two goals in recent weeks, but did not get the goal, despite being one of the most active.

Who did it was Bartra in the 73 ‘when fishing head-did not suffer too much opposition, again-a good center of Suso, who has a glove. The entry of players like Aspas or Rodrigo, who came to live with Morata, gave La Roja another pace, but it would be Wales who would cut distances.

Vokes put the goal of pride for the locals in 88 ‘after a good header that Kepa did not reach.

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