The Civil Guard dismantles a criminal organization of Bulgarian origin, dedicated to the pillage and falsification of archaeological material

Maritime Rescue has rescued 13 deceased migrants in two boats near the coast of Mellila

At least four more migrants have died when after the shipwreck of a boat on the coast of Cádiz

Salvamento Marítimo has rescued two small boats that were heading to the Peninsula, with a total of 93 people, of which 13 people have to be bereaved. Salvamento Marítimo, about 20 miles from the coast of Melilla, has rescued people who traveled in two boats, one located 12 miles from the island of Alborán, and the other, about 18 miles northeast of Cabo Tres Forcas.

At least four deceased in the wreck of a boat in Cádiz
The patrol boat belonging to the Maritime Rescue ‘Guardamar Polimnia’ has docked at the northeast pier III of the port of Melilla, disembarking 80 sub-Saharan immigrants (75 men and 5 women), who have been transferred to the CETI, at the disposal of the National Police. Also the ‘Guardamar’ has rescued 9 corpses, all of them male.

After notifying the Red Cross coordination center, three ambulances from that organization arrived at the place at 17:20 and at 17:25 another ambulance arrived from 061. The Red Cross doctors and 061 began resuscitation maneuvers of four. male immigrants, finally dying all of them, so the total number of deaths rises to 13.

When the patrol arrived, officials from the National Police Force, the Local Police of Melilla, the Port Police and the Civil Guard were in place. Likewise, it should be noted that the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police is in charge of the proceedings for the death of the immigrants.

4 other deaths in Cádiz
To these 13 deceased in Melilla must be added the death of four other migrants who have died trying to reach the coast of Cádiz, which brings the total number of deaths to 17. On Monday morning, the Civil Guard found the body of a Moroccan of about 25 years on the beach of Caños de Meca, in Cádiz, along with 22 other immigrants who were paralyzed by the cold because, as he said, they had been at sea for 48 hours since leaving the Moroccan coast.

Later, a helicopter of the Civil Guard has located in the water the corpses of other two immigrants and the team of underwater activities to a quarter.

Boats of the Civil Guard, as well as a team of underwater activities and a helicopter, continue tracking the area, since it is not ruled out that there are other immigrants who traveled in this boat that could not reach the coast. The boat, in which some forty people were traveling, was shipwrecked at about four in the morning when it collided with rocks, after which the floor of the boat was broken and the immigrants fell into the water.