A penalty goal by Víctor Curto five minutes from the end allows the Granada team to overcome the Ibiza and sign the first win of the season in Nueva Condomina

It has cost Real Murcia much more than expected, but the pupils of Manolo Herrero have cut the drought at home, overtaking by the minimum the Ibiza (1-0) in a match that has been decided thanks to a goal by Víctor Curto from the penalty spot five minutes from the end. The grains were much better than the visitors during the ninety minutes, but the numerous marksmanship failures seemed to condemn the team to another draw at home. However, a shot by Aquino was stopped by the hand of an opponent and the penalty, as well as serving to re-encounter Curto after debuting a few minutes last week, also serves to Murcia again to add three points, the first of a New Condomina that until today had only lived ties in this league start.

The greater’pecado’ of Murcia from the initial whistle has been wasting numerous occasions as to finish going to the rest with tie without goals in the marker. On the margin of the first five minutes, where both have dedicated themselves to interchange long balls, the grains have taken very fast the baton of the encounter before an Ibiza that this morning has brought a very poor proposal in the first act. In fact the locals were able to get ahead after twenty minutes, when Manel was left alone in front of the visiting goalkeeper, although his powerful shot has gone with more force than placement and has crashed with the body of the keeper. Not even with the onslaught of Murcia did Ibiza wake up, with Borrello on the bench, and a team in which only Chavero seemed to put some criteria in his midfield. The galloping of Fobi by the right wing is the little that the team led by Méndez has offered until the break. Heber Pena has been another of the highlights by the side grana, since the exjugador of Racing has generated much danger by the left wing, although he has lacked better criteria to give the last pass. Thus, in the 26th minute, after dribbling two rivals inside the area, Pena did not choose well and his center was impossible to reach for any teammate. And the game has continued so color that the difficult thing was that the goal of the premises did not reach. Five minutes after the referee whistled, Corredera has been gaining meters to stand on the front of the area, although his shot has gone very high. One minute before facing the path of the changing rooms Murcia has thrown away another book occasion. If the boarding of Alfaro by right wing have given many problems to Ibiza, an arrival of José Ruiz in the same lane has also been able to translate easily in the first, but the pass of the death of the Alicante has not had the precision that his teammates were waiting from the penalty spot. The wet gunpowder has been the ‘handicap’ that has caused the crash to reach its intermediate without much favor for the players directed by Manolo Herrero. Or the Murcia improves its aim or is exposed to that in the resumption can turn everything against him.

The break of the match has not changed the chip of either of them. Those of Manolo Herrero have jumped with more desire to finish the work half done, while the Ibiza has shown again as a team overwhelmed by the obvious superiority of Murcia. Dani Aquino tried his luck with a free kick that came out tame and was easily cut by Alex. What has made the Ibiza faster has been the changes, two players of refresh audno had not reached sixty on the scoreboard. Manolo Herrero, with what he has been seeing on the field, has decided not to move anything of the team until the 60th minute, when the Murcian coach has turned to Víctor Curto as a lifeline in search of a goal that at times has resisted desperate way. Before reaching the 66th minute, the star forward of the Ibiza, Borrielo, has entered the field, a European champion who has become the most mediatic signing of all of Segunda B.

Manolo Herrero at the end has opted for Curto and Josema as the first revulsive for the team, although the tonic of the meeting has continued along the same lines, with a Murcia carrying the weight and initiative and an Ibiza with serious problems to get out with the ball checked. The problem was still the’blandito’ of Murcia in attack, since in an hour of game they have already been in charge of wasting more than half a dozen occasions that can be considered quite clear. A pity for a Murcia that by then had fifteen minutes to try to give the public of New Condomina a victory that resists after three games. Ten minutes from the end the clubs have entered the logical hurry, although the Ibiza has not taken a step forward in the face of greater local intensity. With nerves to the surface and five minutes from the end, the visitor Herrera dedicated an ugly entry to José  Ruiz that began to heat the atmosphere more grades than recommended. At this point and after so much suffering the Murcia found the prize that was so much looking for. A shot by Aquino from outside the area was intercepted by Núñez with his hand and he pointed a penalty. Víctor Curto took the ball like a spring and went to the eleven meters. The Catalan is not to fail and so he has made it clear. Shot centered and tempered to meet again with the goal and make happy a hobby that had not yet celebrated a victory in the Colosseum.

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