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The former senior official of the Community and Madrid City Council Fernando Autrán, who held various responsibilities in the government teams of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, hid in the Bahamas, considered as a tax haven for all purposes, at least 1.4 millions of euros, as the Civil Guard has discovered in a report to which EL MUNDO has had access. Of these funds, the Judicial Police certifies that at this time 1.1 million are in an account in Monaco. According to the rogatory commissions ordered by the judge of the Audiencia Nacional Manuel García Castellón, at least the aforementioned figure in an account of the EFG Bank of Monaco, to which 826,000 euros were transferred from an account located in the same bank in the Bahamas through a transfer personally ordered by him. In parallel, he diverted 575,000 euros from the Caribbean to an account owned by him in Portugal.Ex board member of the Canal de Isabel II at the time of the purchase of the company Inassa (2001), currently being investigated in the framework of the so-called case Lezo, Autrán has the condition of being investigated in this case. Like other accused, he is asked about the alleged purchase of the company with which the Canal de Isabel II began to expand in Latin America. The investigators are now trying to determine if the money that was hidden abroad comes from the purchase of Inassa, in which the Prosecutor’s Office warns of a surcharge, or if on the contrary it is related to other operations in which it intervened as public office. And it is that the operations detected are far in the time of the expansion in Latin America of the Madrid water company. It should be remembered that the regional government of Ruiz-Gallardón agreed to purchase Inassa in 2001 for 83 million euros, when according to the researchers the real price was much lower. Hence they try to determine if the difference could be divided between the politicians and businessmen who profiled and executed the business in the form of a commission. However, at this time there is no evidence that this was the case and in the case of Ruiz-Gallardón and his most important subordinates there is not a single indication in that sense. Also, the water company in Madrid has numerous expert opinions drawn up in recent years that support the purchase price of the company. Now, in a police report on the letters rogatory requested by Judge García-Castellón who inherited the instruction of Eloy Velasco in Instruction 5 of the Audiencia Nacional, emerges the money accumulated abroad by Autrán, who was board director from July 2001 to September 2003. Later he was a board member of several public companies -Gedesma, EMT and Madrid Calle 30, manager of the work of the M-30, among others-. After this, he was coordinator of Mobility of the City of Madrid, and general coordinator of Circulation, until his dismissal in 2011.According to the information collected in the police report, which this newspaper has had access to, Autrán opened an account in the EFG Bank of Monaco in November 2013 to, immediately after, transfer 826,000 euros from a branch of the same entity but based in the Bahamas. “It is relevant that this transfer occurs only two years after occupying his last public office,” the agents underline in the report, which even point to one more fact: from the same bank at its headquarters in the Bahamas, they were transferred between 2014 and 2018 about 575,000 euros in the direction of an Autrán account in Banco Espírito Santo de Portugal. This newspaper has contacted Autrán to obtain his version about the finding of money in his accounts abroad by the Civil Guard, and The former politician denies categorically denying money abroad. The rogatory commissions to obtain information on Autran’s foreign assets were sent by the judge to the Bahamas, Portugal and Monaco, and the Civil Guard now asks that renewed trades be sent by of the magistrate to deepen in the patrimony of the ex- high position of Ruiz-Gallardón.La investigation in relation with Inassa began after the inves tigadores intervened the phone to Edmundo Rodríguez Sobrino, president years after Inassa, who said in one of the punctures recorded by the Civil Guard that in the operation there was a “theft” of 25 million. This testimony served to initiate inquiries about this operation, which now face its final stretch, and in which all the participants have defended its legality.
Three other former government advisors of former Madrid president Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón testified yesterday before the judge of the Lezo case that they did not know the details about the purchase of the company Inassa by Canal de Isabel II in 2001, but they voted in favor of the operation because they trusted both the technicians who had endorsed the project with their reports and the counselors who presented it. Alicia Moreno (Fine Arts), Pilar Martinez Lopez (Social Services) and Luis Peral (Labor), defended yesterday the same version as most of the former counselors who have gone before the magistrate of the National Court and Gallardón himself. The three assured that they always trusted that the project complied with the law, according to sources present in the statement.

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