ARCHENA / Begin the acts of the 275th anniversary of the Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno

Photo report of the events

The Mayor inaugurated the acts in the Parish of San Juan Bautista

The Mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández López, was in charge of the opening ceremony of the wide program of events organized by the Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno de Archena for its 275th anniversary.

Before, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Cartagena, Juan Tudela, made the proclamation announcer of the anniversary of the Archenera Brotherhood, and during the ceremony the posters announcing the anniversary were presented.

The councilor stressed that «it is a real luxury, prestige and pride that the brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno is parading in our Holy Week and 275 years, being the oldest brotherhood of our processional parades.»

At the end, the Mayor together with the Councilors Mario Alcaraz and Mari Carmen Alcolea, who also attended the opening ceremony, congratulated the President of the Brotherhood, its board of directors and the members of the same, for the broad program of more than 30 events organized for this anniversary.

Among the most important acts, besides this inaugural proclamation, the day of Good Friday, the free participation in the photography contest during the procession of the Sorority Meeting of the Brotherhood stand out; On October 4, at the Archena Museum, an exhibition of ancient photography will be inaugurated and a book on the history of the Brotherhood will be presented; in the Church of San Juan there will be a Eucharist in honor of the Holy Sepulcher, officiated by the Bishop Monsignor Don José Manuel Lorca Planes and finally, the closing of this program of celebrations, which will be held at the Villa de Archena Theater, with the projection of the movie ‘Moraos’. Among the most outstanding activities.

The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno and Holy Sepulcher of Archena has in its possession 4 steps: that of Our Father Jesus, the Holy Sepulcher, the Christ of the Rescue and the Holy Supper. It has 300 brothers, among which there are 80 shelves-portapasos, and it is the oldest of the many processions in the Week of Passion and Gloria de Archena, since there are data that confirm that on April 3, 1744, Good Friday , paraded for the first time, the image of Our Father Jesus Nazareno, the holder of the Brotherhood.

The original centennial image of Our Father Jesus was destroyed during the Civil War. The current one, work of the sculptor Manuel Juan Carrillo, dates from 1944.