Presented by Óscar Cervantes, last night the Sports Gala 2018 was held at the Villa de Archena Theater, with a packed flag. Copying with the assistance of Alonso Gómez López, general director of Sports, David Cal, maximum Spanish Olympic medalist, José Rubio, president of the Murcian Federation of Colombicultura, the mayor Patricia Fernández, sports councilor Fulgencio García Nicolás and the other councilors of the Municipal Corporation.

During the gala they were awarded:

1.- Association UNE-T:

Established in 2009, its president is Estela Cabrero Martínez, are dedicated to collaborate in many events, in Archena noted for their participation in the race of La Algaida, La San Silvestre, Duathlon Villa de Archena among other collaborations. Go up to collect your award Miriam GASSÓ López.

2.- Asociación de Colombicultura Nuestra Señora del Rosario de La Algaida:

President José Antonio Gil. They are the organizers of the Champions League of Palomos Deportivos, an important event at a national level. This year they have made another championship, called UNION AND FRIENDSHIP, held between Archena, Los Torraos and La Algaida.

3.- Oasis Tennis Club:

Its president is Juan David Cano Carrillo, has more than 150 students, who participate in the regional tennis leagues. We highlight the participation in the Men’s Absolute Spain Championship by teams, where they managed to be second in the group.

4.- Fishing society:

President Pascual Medina Ponce, founded in 1974. We highlight his numerous participations at national level and even several positions in these competitions, as well as his participation in the organization of the fishing contest at parties.

5.- La Pocha Chess Club:

Founded in 1991, its president is Luis Gómez Palazón. It is made up of fifteen members and is currently in the first regional category, achieving this promotion by being league champions in the 2017 season. It should be noted that Club Chess La Pocha has given continuity to clubs such as “Balneario de Archena” and “Casino de Archena” , which were founded in the middle of the year 1980.

6.- Automobiles Club Valle de Ricote:

Chaired by Javier Ayala Piñero, founded in 2000. He has managed to be among the best clubs in the Region and the Levante area. Note that they are the organizers of 8 editions of the Valle de Ricote Rally and two other editions of the Archena Paraíso Termal Sprint Rally, this year 26 teams and two of them from Archena have participated.

7.- Cyclist Club Los Guerreros Bikeros:

Its president is Manolo Abellán, founded in 2006. They have represented Archena in numerous cycling races throughout Spain. Its main objective is to unite people through sport, to create friendship. Highlight that 5 members or 5 Warriors, as they call themselves, toured the Camino de Santiago Francés, which are 800 km in 6 days

8.- Club Majua Full-Contact:

Founded in 1993, its president is Joaquín López Espinosa. “PRIDE, STRENGTH AND SPIRIT SACRIFICE”, this is their motto and accompanies them wherever they go. It is a very important club at the regional level because it has numerous regional and national awards throughout its history.

9.- Club Archena Sport:

Its president is Sebastian Spin Rodriguez, was founded in 2017, currently active in the preferred regional football category.

10.- Club Pelota Archena:

Its president is José Castillo. It is a club that participates in the division category of regional honor and last season represented Murcia in the Spanish Championship. Account between its affiliates with great players, being chosen two consecutive years the best player of the region Fulgencio García Nicolás ..

11.- Archena Basketball Union:

Chaired by José Antonio Ruiz, was founded in 2013, currently have approximately 200 players. They want to highlight the success achieved by the first national team achieved last season, reaching the final four, remaining in the third position, a step away from the glory and promotion to EBA.

12.- Club La Algaida Futsal:

Founded in 2003 and chaired by Miguel López. At the moment they have a football team absolute female room playing in second division at national level, something that never had before. A part have all categories, from prebenjamines to senior.

13.- Unión Archena Fútbol Club:

Founded in 2012, it is chaired by Justino Martínez Fernández, they have almost 400 players, they have almost all the categories playing first and Juvenile in the National League, something that was not achieved for 14 years.

14.- Fit Archena Functional CAD:

Its president is David Garcia Alcolea, was founded on June 2, 2017. On June 16 and 17 played the European mpionship of Andorra, in which they obtained very successful results although for their president the best success has been to create a community of athletes and healthy life and to awaken a passion in people who did not believe in their possibilities. 15.- School of Skates Mama a Girico More: Founded in 2013. It has more than 20 federative licenses and about 40 members between girls and boys approximately. Note that this year they are participating in the Regional Hockey League in the categories Benjamín and Alevín, the teams are called Los Fieras de Archena. Go up to collect the prize Avelina Marco Quijada president of the club.16.- Club In-Nae Taekwondo: President Eduardo Rodríguez, has been teaching since 1999 and has always been linked to the world of Taekwondo in Archena. He has been awarded by the Higher Sports Council for his work in Taekwondo. Account in your club with high level athletes.17 .- Club Karate Casa-Zen: Founded in 2012, presided by Jorge Ortega Summer, have nearly 100 students. We highlight their successes at the national level and have even achieved a third place in an international open championship.18.- Kumikata Club Bushido Archena: Founded by Andrés Rodríguez, this is the first club created in Archena. In martial arts it is the most important at the regional level. Currently it has merged with another club in Murcia. Its president is Jesús María López Ortíz.19.- Club Ritmika Archena: Founded in 2008 by Ana Belén López, it ranges from the youngest to senior category. They emphasize his numerous participations and successes in the different championships of Spain, championships at regional level. Their coaches want to stand out in the effort and sacrifice that their students make and they are very proud of them.20.- Club Triatlon Archena: Its president is Daniel Palazón Gonzálvez, it was founded in 2012 with 10 members, I currently have almost 60 licenses and top level athletes. Highlight his ninth position of the team in Duathlon Second Division, establishing itself among the 25 best teams in Spain absolute level.21.- Club Katana: It is the youngest club in Archena, it was founded in September of 2018 and its president is Adrián Martínez Jiménez, who has been champion of Spain in the categories of light contact and full contact. In this club they teach the disciplines of full contact and kick boxing. Adrián, we wish you all the luck of the world in your beginning. IN SCHOOL SPORTS1.- Colegio Río Segura, Champion of municipal school games 2017 / 2018.2.- Colegio OPE, basketball champion in male cadet category of school sport at the regional level .3.- Colegio OPE, Raúl Jaramillo, third in throwing in weight in the school sport at the regional level4.- Elena Clara Sánchez García, second classified in long jump, in the final of the regional school championship.5.- Silvia Navarro Garrido , third classified in the end of the school sport at the regional level in 100 meters. Individual athletes that compete in clubs that do not belong to Archena: 1.- Enrique Paid: – SECOND CLASSIFIED IN THE REGIONAL LEAGUE.- GOLD MEDAL IN 100M. ARRAY IN THE THIRTY-SIXTH TROPHY ENRIQUE GARCÍA VILLALBA- MEDALLA DE ORO IN 100M. ARRAY IN THE EIGHTH TROPHY CITY OF ALHAMA DE MURCIA- MEDAL OF GOLD IN 100M. FREE, BRONZE IN 200M. STYLES AND SILVER IN 100M. BRAZE IN THE TWENTY-FOURTH TROPHY PASCUAL ROMAN DE ELCHE.- HIGHLIGHT THAT HAVE BEEN CALLED FOR THE MURCIA SELECTION TO REPRESENT HIS AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITY IN THE SPAIN CHAMPIONSHIP BY COMMUNITIES HELD IN OVIEDO.- ALSO SAY HE HAS PARTICIPATED IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF SPAIN OF WINTER, CELEBRATED IN PONTEVEDRA, IN WHICH IT GOT METERSE IN THE END OF 100M. BRAZE – FINALLY, SAY, YOU HAVE GOT 10 MORE MEDALS, OF WHICH 3 ARE OF GOLD, 6 OF SILVER AND ONE OF BRONZE. AS PART OF GETTING AT THE END OF DIFFERENT CHAMPIONSHIPS AT NATIONAL LEVEL.2.- Alexander Brednev- REGIONAL CHAMPION OF SWIMMING PREBENJAMÍN.Nadador in crossings of open waters, where he has made podium.Medal of gold in the trophies of Yecal and Alhama. 3.-Pedro Crevillén Solana, champion of Castilla y León in the modality of quadcross 2017 / 2018.Francisco López, runner-up of Castilla y León and third place in the national Of Oftrack. Obtain the promise prize at the level of Spain. Clubs that have their headquarters in Archena, 4.- Sociedad de Colombicultura Our Lady of the Rosary of La Algaida, awarded with the PALOMO LEGEND CHINA, from the adrimar club: 3rd CHAMPIONSHIP COMARCAL DE JAVALI NUEVO3º INTERCOMARCAL CHAMPIONSHIP OF the LLANO DE MOLINARecogen the prize: 1 .- José Antonio Gil2.- Paquito López3.- Pepe Rubio, president of the Federation of Colombicultura of the Region of Murcia. State that a group of women has been created that this year will participate in the national championship5.- Los Guerreros Cycling Club Bikeros: We awarded: Sergio Arques Hernández, bronze medal in the Spanish Cup of adapted cycling, category C4. 6.-Club Pelota Archena: – The club has been second classified at the regional level. – The pair formed by Pepe Castillo and Fulgen García have won the Federation Cup for the third consecutive year.7.- Archena Basketball Union: – First National Team, third place, getting to the final four of promotion to EBA league and remaining in third position staying a step away from the glory.8.- Club La Algaida Futsal: We reward: – Youngest team as regional champion in regional category.- Women’s team, absolute category, achieving the promotion to second division.9.- Union Archena Fútbol ClubWe’re going to: – Team prebenajmín for the promotion to first class League.- Youth team, gets the promotion to Liga Nacional.10.-CAD Functional Fit Archena: We reward: – Enrique Balsalobre, third place in the Spanish championship deadweight in less than 90kg.- Raúl Pagán, national junior weight champion in the category of less than 75kg- David García, national sub-champion of the bench press in the category absolute of less than 82kg.11.- School Patienes Mama Un Girico More: We reward: – Emma Ayala Marco, regional champion speed alevín, is the only skater who has managed to win all races, nobody has achieved this in any category .- Clara Elena Abenza Marco, third regional speed in senior category .- Ángela Ortega Gómez, third regional speed, category benjamín.12.- Club In-Nae Taekwondo: – Irene Gil Villa, champion in the league Taekwondo Regional Championship.- Isabel Bastida, runner-up in the regional taekwondo league.- Ania Cantó Rodriguez, regional league champion and gold medal in the Super Cup 2018. – Ana Cervantes Martínez, Regional League champion and medal gold in the championship supercopa 2018.- Pablo Pastor Martínez, regional league champion and gold medal in the Super Cup 2018.13.- Club Karate Casa ZenWe reward: – Alejandro Santiago Costa, second place in the championship Ato Nacional de Karate OGKK alevín category.- Yeray Pinto Carrillo, finalist in the OGKK national karate championship in children’s category. ROCOGE THE TROPHY HIS MOTHER.- Matias Iván Galeano Arrua, finalist in the OGKK national karate championship in the youth category.- Ronye Javier Teran Tamayo, finalist in the OGKK national karate championship in the youth category.- Anthony David Tomala Jaramillo, finalist in the regional championship of Karate, category alevín third classified.- Eddison Tomalá Ortega, second classified in the modality of KATA and third classified in the modality of KUMITE.14.- Kumikata Club Bushido Archena: We reward: Category Benjamin (Sub- 11): Martina Perea Molina: Silver medal -42kg) category. FemaleDiego Moreno Caracena: Bronze medal (-42kg). Bronze medal . Technical tournament championship “el zagalico” in Alhama.Luis Vidal López: Bronze medal (-) Gold medal. Technical tournament championship “el zagalico” in Alhama.Ayya Maggour Bajjou: Bronze medal (-46 kg.) Gold medal. Technical tournament championship “el zagalico” in Alhama. Category FemeninFabio Marín Ayala: Bronze medal. Technical tournament championship “el zagalico” in Alhama. Alevín category (Sub 13): YasserGhenniou: Bronze medal (-50kg) José Ruiz Castillo: Bronze medal (-55kg) José Francisco Garrido Guilén: Bronze medal (46kG-) Miguel Gambín López.Medal of bronze (-60kg) Category CadetDaniel Guillamón Andagua: Regional judo champion (-50 kg) Gold medal, Champion regional ranking cadet 2017 Gold medal, Classification in the Spanish School Championship -2018 and cup classification of Spain Alicante 2018. Senior Category: María García Martínez: Gold medal. Regional ChampionAthleticismCategory ALEVÍN: ALEJANDRO BOLARIN MIÑANO: REGIONAL CHAMPION IN WEIGHT LAUNCH P.C. and A.L. REGIONAL CHAMPION IN LAUNCHING DISCO A.L.2º REGIONAL BY CLUBS ALEVIN MIXED A.L.3º REGIONAL BY CLUBS ALEVIN MIXED P.C.2º CLASSIFIED LAUNCH OF WEIGHT IN CTO. INTERPROVINCIALCategory: MARCELO SOLANA GARCIA: REGIONAL CHAMPION LONGITUDE JUMP P.C.SUBCAMPEÓN REGIONAL TRIPLE SALTO P.C3º REGIONAL TRIPLE SALTO A.L.5º IN TRIPLE SALTO EN CTO. INTERPROVINCIALFRANCISCO BOLARIN MIÑANO: REGIONAL SUBCAMPEON IN LAUNCH OF JABALINA P.C.SUBCAMPEÓN REGIONAL IN LAUNCH OF HAMMER A.L.SUBCAMPEON REGIONALO LAUNCH OF DISCO A.L.3º REGIONAL LAUNCH OF DISCO P.C.6º CHAMPIONSHIP OF SPAIN SCHOOL IN LAUNCH OF HAMMER11º CHAMPIONSHIP OF SPAIN A.L. IN LAUNCH OF HAMMER1 CLASSIFIED IN LAUNCH OF HAMMER IN THE CTO. INTERPROVINCIALGISELA PALAZÓN PALAZÓN: SUBCAMPEONA REGIONAL BY CLUBS CADETEPATRICIA ARQUES GUIJARRO: SUBCAMPEONA REGIONAL TRIPLE SALTO P.C.6º IN TRIPLE SALTO EN CTO. INTERPROVINCIAL.PARTICIPANT SPAIN CHAMPIONSHIP BY CLUBS CADETE (in the absence of celeb  MARRIA MARTINEZ GARCIA: PARTICIPANT SPAIN CHAMPIONSHIP BY CLUBS CADET (in case of failure, on 10/6/2018) YOUTH CATEGORY: JOSÉ BOLARIN MIÑANO: REGIONAL CHAMPION LAUNCH OF DISC AL-SUBCAMPEÓN REGIONAL LAUNCH OF DISCO PC-2º CLASSIFIED IN LAUNCH OF DISC OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF SPAIN BY JUNIORKEVIN CLUBS JUAN ALEGRE GIMÉNEZ: -3º REGIONAL 2000 OBSTACLES TO THE JUNIOR CATEGORY: MARTA LOPEZ QUIJADA: -CAMPEONA REGIONAL 5000M A.LCATEGORÍA PROMISE: ELENA RUIZ PAY: BELONGS TO BARCELONA FOOTBALL ATHLETIC CLUB: REGIONAL -CAMPEONA WEIGHT LAUNCH REGIONAL CHAMPION REGIONAL LAUNCH DISC PC-SUBCAMPEONA REGIONAL DISC LAUNCH ABSOLUTE CATEGORY AL-3º CTO. SPAIN PROMISE IN DISC LAUNCH AL-7ª CTO UNIVERSITY SPAIN IN SENIOR PESOCATEGORÍA LAUNCH: ALEJANDRO GARRIDO MARTÍNEZ: ABSOLUTE REGIONAL ABSOLUTE TRIPLE TRIPLE AT-3 REGIONAL ABSOLUTE IN TRIPLE TRIPLE PC-3º ABSOLUTE REGIONAL IN 60m VALLAS PC-3º REGIONAL ABSOLUTE IN 110m FLOORS AL-3º REGIONAL ABSOLUTE IN LAUNCH OF HAMMER-3rd REGIONAL ABSOLUTE IN DECATLON-CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD OF RETRORUNNING: 3rd RELEVANCE 4X100m, 4th RELEVANCE 4X400m, 8º IN 100m AND 9º IN 200mCATEGORÍA VETERANO MASTER: FLORENCIO MARTINEZ AYALA: – REGIONAL CHAMPION MASTER M-60 IN JUMP WITH PERTIGA, JUMP LENGTH, HEIGHT JUMP, TRIPLE JUMP, WEIGHT LAUNCH, JABALINA AND DISC AL- SUBCAMPEON OF SPAIN MASTER M-60 IN JUMP WITH PERTIGA, LONGITUDE JUMP AND TRIPLE JUMP AL- 13º EUROPEAN MASTER CHAMPIONSHIP M-55 IN TRIPLE SALTO PC- MASTER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP M-60: 10º IN JUMP WITH PERTIGUE AND 17º IN DECATLON17.- Club Triatlon Archena: AT THE REGIONAL LEVEL: – FEMALE ABSOLUTE CATEGORY CHAMPIONS FOR TEAMS IN THE REGIONAL LEAGUE OF DUATLÓN.- ABSOLUTE MALE THIRD POSITION FOR TEAMS OF THE REGIONAL LEAGUE OF TRIATHLON.- CRISTOBAL ANDREU: SUBCAMPEÓN OF THE REGIONAL LEAGUE OF TRIATHLON SUB 23.- SAMUEL GARCÍA GÓMEZ, ABSOLUTE THIRD PARTY IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF TRIATHLON OF ANDALUCIA.A NATIONAL LEVEL: – NINO AZARÍAS: TRIWHITE CIRCUIT CHAMPION IN JUNIOR CATEGORY IN THE OLYMPIC DISTANCE MODE.- CRISTINA MAYOL: BRONZE IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF SPAIN OF DUATLÓN CROSS AGE GROUP 25-29 YEARS.- IRENE LUCAS: SUBCAMPEONA OF SPAIN OF DUATLÓN IN ITS GROUP OF AGE 20-24 YEARS AND REGIONAL CHAMPION OF THE LEAGUE OF DUATLÓN AND REGIONAL CHAMPION OF THE LEAGUE OF TRIATHLON.- SONIA GÓMEZ HEREDIA: CHAMPION OF SPAIN OF DUATLÓN IN ITS GROUP OF AGE 35- 39 YEARS AND REGIONAL CHAMPION OF TRIATHLON ABSOLUTE CATEGORY.- JUAN FRANCISCO FERNÁNDEZ DE LA TORRE: EUROPEAN CHAMPION AND SPAIN’S CHAMPION OF DUATLÓN IN HIS GROUP OF DAD 20-24 YEARS.15.- Club Ritmika Archena We reward: – ANDREA GIL: CHAMPION IN LEAGUE 1 AND REGIONAL CHAMPION IN INDIVIDUAL MAZAS- SARA MISHELL: 3º IN THE REGIONAL IN HANDS-FREE MODE.CONJUNDS: SCHOOL LEAGUECONJUNTO INFALTILCUERDAS: CHAMPIONS OF LEAGUE AND 3º CLASSIFIED IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP REGIONALCONJUNTO JUVENILE: CHAMPIONS REGIONALESLIGA 1ª: PREBENJAMIN SET: LEAGUE CHAMPIONS AND REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS ALEJON REGION: CHAMPIONS OF LEAGUE AND REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.Finally highlight the highest award given to Diego López Abad, president and coach of Algaida futsal, which has formed a great football school with more of 200 boys and girls, highlighting their work in women’s indoor soccer, getting this year the promotion to second division, taking the name of La Algaida and Archena throughout Spain.

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